Digital Signage For New Zeland Business

AMS® Signage

A New Zealand owned company delivering smart and engaging digital signage solutions for targeting your audience.


Schedule different messages for appropriate times of the day and wrap your marketing messages around entertainment content.


Create your own digital signage campaigns
and manage your screens with ease and speed


Digital signage enables dynamic promotion of your product or service.




Intelligent, Dynamic, Digital Signage Solutions

AMS® Signage started working with Digital Signage a number of years ago in conjunction with our established music offering. Many of our customers have grown with us. They asked for functional, flexible, true cloud-based signage. They wanted to work from anywhere, include social media feeds on screens, have access to dynamic content including video, have the ability to take live feeds from pay TV content and, of course, include AMS® music videos. We listen to our customers and are proud to offer a truly integrated, innovative and complete subscription-based digital signage service. AMS® Signage looks after you from installation right through to providing the hardware and most importantly the after sale service and 24/7 support.

Test out our dedication to customer service with a no obligation free trial for 30 days. To quote one of those really bad TV commercials; if you are not completely satisfied at the end of the trial we’ll remove the equipment, shake hands and still be mates. Give us a call on 0800 267 687.

Apps For On Screen commercials in NZ

Our Apps Help Keep Your Content Fresh

Selection of Apps offering dynamic content like weather, RSS feeds, streaming social media and much more

Remote Access My Digital Signage For My Hotel in NZ

Cloud Based So You Can Work From Anywhere

Remote access and control of your screens right from the internet browser

Customise The Screen Layout Signage New Zealand

Super Easy Screen Customisation

Create as many sections on your screen as you want

Drag & Drop Signage For A Hotel

Drag & Drop Interface

Drag-and-drop easy user-friendly interface

Dynamic On Screen Promotion NZ

Dynamic On-Screen Promotion

Digital signage enables dynamic promotion of your product or service and offers flexibility and impact which traditional printed media does not.

Let us help you create signage solutions which give you total control over your content

Call us for a no obligation, free trial 0800 267 687