Digital Signage: The Benefits Are Clear

Audit Log

Create users with different access rights and get a detailed report tracking what each user has performed.

Real Time Monitoring

Detect any issue so you can take immediate action and keep track of your player performance.

Drag & Drop Timeline

Creating your campaigns by simply dragging your media and Apps into the timeline.


Create dynamic content using Apps. Weather info, realtime clock, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, directory templates, and much more!

Proof of Play

Get a detailed report confirming each and every time a campaign has been played back.

Build Your Own Apps

We also offer complete guideline so you can build new Apps yourself.

Need Retail Digital Signage in New Zealand?

10 Benefits Of Digital Signage

  1. Digital signs increase impulse purchases in-store.
  2. Make changes to your content quickly and easily.
  3. Digital signage improves customer satisfaction.
  4. Digital signs keep your audience informed and engaged.
  5. Schedule content to be displayed at high-impact times of day.
  6. Reduce static, dwell times.
  7. Entertain and show off your brand with video and moving images.
  8. Create attention-grabbing campaigns.
  9. Digital signs are sharp, professional and modern.
  10. Display live information. Keep your advertising current.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive With Creative Signage Solutions Offering You Total Control Over Your Content. The Benefits Are Clear.


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